Phishing #4

Oh dear, Tracey, in her old age, has forgotten to post the last flag to her Instagram. Silly Tracey! The only way of getting the last flag is to pry it from her yourself! Craft up a convincing phishing email/message, using information given to you by Tracey herself via her verbose social media presence, and get that last flag! These emails will be read out so please make sure you keep content relatively acceptable. Tracey was naughty in her youth, but she's getting on a bit now!

Phishing #3

With lockdown in full swing, Tracey has been doing a bit of online shopping to ward off the crippling boredom induced by months inside. Poor Tracey! Go and join her cheeky shop at []

Phishing #2

Tracey has recently had a Facebook memory from when she passed her driving test, to celebrate she has decided to share it with you all! Isn't Tracey lovely? Find Tracey's caring posts at []

Phishing #1

Tracey has been on holiday recently, isn't that lovely? See her holiday snaps at []