WEB-BOX #6 - Albums

Any way to get me access to this new album from my favourite band? (This one is a little tougher!)


My steam wallet is running low. I've tried all the logins we found previously. This might require something new?

WEB-BOX #4 - Ricflix

I want free access to movies.


More passwords to find!

WEB-BOX #2 - Login

You've found the login page for the site. Can you get access?

WEB-BOX #1 - Pin

This is a basic pin brute force. You've been given access to this page with a 4 digit pin. Can you build a script to crack it?

Web #7

You're not admin, are you?

Web #6

Can you login to an account? (Try doing #5 first)

Web #5

Can you inject the login page?

Web #4

Hack the Network Test page . The cat binary is in the same directory as where you are, to run is use ./cat, the flag is in a file called flag.txt.

Web #3

Another easy one, just look and pretend you're a robot 👀

Web #2

This is an easy one, just look around...

Web #1

Hack port 8089