Recon #17

Find the hidden flag on the DNS server! Hint: How can we read all records of a DNS server?

Recon #16

What is the content of the txt.luhack.local record?

Recon #15

What is the IP address of test.luhack.local ? Hint: use dig or nslookup

Recon #14

What protocol runs over port 53?

Recon #13

How many TCP ports can possibly exist on a system?

Recon #12

Is port 993 open? (yes/ no)

Recon #11

Is port 999 open? (yes/ no)

Recon #9

What is the SSH fingerprint of the server? Format: SHA256:...

Recon #8

What IMAP software is running?

Recon #7

What is the SMTP banner?

Recon #6

What is the banner of port 42069?

Recon #5

What is the Organizational Unit (OU) of the certificate server on port 443?

Recon #4

What is the hostname (Common Name) of the certificate served on port 443?

Recon #3

What version of FTP software is running? Format: SoftwareName x.y.z

Recon #2

What web server software is running? Format: SoftwareName httpd x.y.z

Recon #1

What version of BIND is running? Format: x.y.x