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Infra #4

Pwn windows box with EternalBlue (Flag is on the desktop of the LUHack user) Boxes: win-infra-<0..n> Make sure you use a bind shell, windows/x64/meterpreter/bind_tcp works well. If this doesn't work, try one of the other win-blue machines. EternalBlue likes to trigger BSODs.

Infra #3

Pwn vsftpd Box: luhack-infra-0 Note: The metasploit module for this doesn't try to run the exploit if it sees the shell port already open, you can use the msfconsole edit and reload commands to remove this check. You can also try exploiting this vulnerability manually :)

Infra #2

Pwn Unrealircd Box: luhack-infra-0 Note: Make sure you use a bind shell, and, use port 10001

Infra #1

Pwn redis (Make sure you use a bind shell on port 10000) Box: luhack-infra-0 (cmd/unix/bind_netcat is a good payload btw)