Freshers challenge #9

Hidden inside this pcap is a flag: []

Freshers Challenge #8

Nothing to see here ...

Freshers Challenge #7

We received the following file. Can you help us decode the hidden message? [Downloadable File to investigate]

Freshers Challenge #6

To complete this challenge, you must find all 3 flags. Submit the flags in the format: flag1flag2flag3

Freshers Challenge #5

drainage edict deadbolt cranky crucial dragnet kickoff guidance highchair fracture chatter chatter jawbone eyetooth freedom chairlift gremlin flytrap eyetooth framework glucose choking freedom klaxon

Freshers Challenge #4

ndjsdcilxcugxtcshlxiwhpaps When submitting the flag, enter it as LUHACK{plaintext}. Where plaintext is the plaintext of the above string.

Freshers Challenge #3


Freshers Challenge #2

Once you've solved Freshers Challenge #1, you'll be given the start of the next challenge. Once you get the flag for that, submit it using the bot!

Freshers Challenge #1

Hmm I wonder